What is New with the Shortcuts App on your iOS 12

One of the most notable and exciting features in iOS 12 for iPhones is known as Shortcuts. A new tool has been integrated along with Siri to help you in getting things done swiftly. No doubt there are several shortcuts available in Siri’s settings in iOS12. Shortcuts app inevitably brings functionality to the workflow to Siri that will help you in building your custom actions or choose from a list of available alternatives.

If you want to add any of the below-given shortcuts to an iOS device, just click on Add link that is followed by Add Shortcut. Below are some alternatives that are convenient for everyone:

1. Amazon Price History
Next time when you look for something just to get info when you do not need that particular thing right away, then take help of this shortcut to check price history of an item. The most convenient way to use it is to view that specific item in Amazon App. You can also use the Share button to send a link via Shortcuts.

2. Do Not Disturb Timer
iOS 12 comes up with Do Not Disturb controls that includes a new option to set custom DND times. Whenever you run shortcuts, then you will be asked again to choose hours or minutes. Now enter the span of time you require for the DND to stay active.

3. Intelligent Power
If you are worried about battery life, then this shortcut from Reddit will use your new battery percentage. Compare it with the predefined settings and get to know about your device’s performance.

4. Install Prominent Apps
One of the most significant task while setting up an iPhone from scratch is to search the App Store and launch all of the prominent apps. This particular shortcut allows you to enter the name of the apps you are used to using. The alternative will be going via the list, giving a link to each of the apps in App Store for comfortable and convenient downloads.

5. Transform the Video to GIF
It is easier to share an animated image for a citation than a video. You will be presented with your videos with the help of this shortcut. You can easily select, edit and create a GIF with it.

6. Shoot a GIF
This shortcut opens the app of Camera and ready to take a specific number of photos. When you are done with the last picture, it will combine them into an animated image. You can also add Shoot a GIF to your Shortcuts app.

7. Download File
It is not an easy task to download files on iOS. With the help of this shortcut, you may share a link to file to the alternatives. This program will download the file and will ask where would you like to save it.

8. Expand the URL
Precise links can be used in a wicked way to hide right destination of a URL. If you are unsure that a bit.ly link is going to take you at a place, it should not then take help of this Shortcut to view expanded URL.

9. Backup Your Shortcuts
This one can be found on Sharecuts side. Shortcuts are synced through iCloud among your iOS devices by default. Nothing should happen to your database. You will be pleased that you already backed up your shortcuts.

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