Top 4 free Time Tracking Tools for Freelancers on Windows

If you are doing the work with your team remotely, means as a freelancer then obviously, it is difficult to keep track of time on various projects for you. It does not only help you create bills for your customers but also help in making some of the useful statistics about the time and money spent on each activity.

In this article, you will know about some useful software that will help you track the time for your Windows PC. All are very useful and effective software to save your time and money. All of them some are cloud-based tools that can be connected to different payment options as well. And the others are simple stand-alone software that can track your activity as per your choice.

Let’s discuss on these Free Time tracking tools:-

1- Toggl

A number of freelancers are using this tool on the market. The toggle is a clean and straightforward time tracking tool for the Windows users. It is providing a linked with a full equipped cloud-based dashboard that offers an extended view of your activities and time spent on them.

Features of Toggle tool:-

  • Informs of the report the Toggl are also providing you a cloud-based dashboard for tracking your progress.
  • This feature, you will get into the free plan with slightly limited functionality.
  • Using this, you will able to view the summary, detailed and weekly reports.
  • You will also be able to filter the data and export it as PDF or a CSV file.

How to get this tool?

  • You need to type in the task which you are doing and start the timer.
  • Then you will see the timer will run until you manually come back to stop it.
  • You can create various activities and then start them accordingly.
  • When you are away from your desk, the built-in idle detection will automatically pause the timer.
  • Besides this, you can also save all of the timelines and enable shortcut keys to start Toggl.

2- Hubstaff

Hubstaff setup is somewhat similar to Toggl tool. It is cloud-based software for Windows users. However, Hubstaff seems to have a slightly better Windows counterpart. It is offering any many features in the free plan, but you will able to use only the free program for yourself. If you are working in a team and want to share the dashboard, then you need to buy a paid plan.

Using Hubstaff, you can create any projects and add assigned tasks to it. When it has done, then you can start working on any job and mark it complete. The program is the excellent ability to syncs data with the cloud-based dashboard automatically.

Hubstaff is also providing one more amazing feature is called automatic screenshots. The application is able to capture screenshots in the background to maintain a data of where you spent your time. These screenshots are very useful from your dashboard.

Besides this some other impressive features such as detailed reporting, schedules, and timesheets. All are the free plan offered by Hubstaff and that too. If you are working alone and you want a tool to manage your time and provide useful insights for your clients, then this tool is the best choice for you.

3- ManicTime

ManicTime is coming without all these bells and whistles. It is a standalone time tracking tool for Windows. You can use it to use it offline efficiently. It will report all of the timelines for your usage where it tracks for how much time you spend on your computer and how much time it was done good work. Besides this, it also able to tracks the amount of time spent on each application and document. Using this you can view all the data collected by the tool in the format of reports, under the statistics tab.

4- Grindstone

Grindstone is free of cost tool among the Windows users. It is able to track your activity to the bill as per your customers. It will help you to create Work Items that collected all the information about the tasks assigned to you. When you have done adding process for your work items, then you can start working on them and initiate a timer.

Grindstone is a very useful and active productivity tool. It will tell you all of the assigned priorities, due dates, estimated time required and other properties to your work items.

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