September 6, 2018 – Office 2016 Product Key, Office 2016 Setup

Microsoft Office 2016 boasts cross-platform availability and can be used in Windows and macOS desktop computers. Its Mac edition does not contain Microsoft Access and Microsoft Publisher. It is a popular closed-source productivity suite which can be purchased by paying a one-time fee. It supports over 90 languages in Windows and over 25 languages in Mac computers. Users can also access the apps on their Windows Smartphone’s. The MS Office 2016 apps have an in-built proofreader in about 97 languages. Office 2016 applications such as OneNote, Word, etc. contain co-authoring tools as well as a smart lookup.

office setup

For years, MS Office has been the de facto office suite for hoards of individuals and organizations. It is available on an array of devices: iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tabs, Windows PC, Macs, etc. To get Office 2016 from 2016, you need first to make an upfront payment. After this, you can use it till eternity as the license will not expire. Every month, on the second Tuesday, Microsoft rolls out updates for its products. You can connect Office 2016 to the cloud service offered by Microsoft. Even though Office 2016 has a number of perks, its USP is collaboration.

Process for Downloading Microsoft Office 2016

Did you just get your copy of Office 2016? Are you excited to use its apps and check out the features? Hold your breath; you need to download its setup first. Follow these simple steps and download Office 2016 on your device:

  1. Go to the following link:
  2. Go through the Microsoft Office plans and subscriptions and click on the one you have purchased.
  3. Check the product description and setup requirements.
  4. After ensuring the compatibility, check the installed apps on the system.
  5. Conduct a clean uninstall of the programs which might lead to a conflict.
  6. Open the browser window again.
  7. In a new tab, enter this URL:
  8. In the right portion, you will find the Sign In option. Click on it.
  9. If you are not logged in, then key in the login credentials for your Microsoft account, i.e., the account used during Office 2016 purchase.
  10. You can also set up a new account.
  11. If you do not remember the password, go to forgot the password and then set up a new one.
  12. In your Microsoft account webpage, locate MS Office 2016.
  13. Hit the Install Office 2016 button.
  14. Click on the Install button again, after selecting the bit version and download language.
  15. Wait for the download to complete.

Process to Install MS Office 2016

After downloading the file for Office 2016, users need to run the installer. Here is how they can do install Office setup on their devices (Window and Mac):

  1. Open the Downloads folder.

Note: If you downloaded the setup elsewhere, then head to that location.

  1. Find the MS Office setup file.

Note: The file will have an .exe extension.

  1. Double-click on the file.
  2. Allow the app to make changes to your system and hit the Yes button in the User Account Control prompt.
  3. Run the setup on your device.
  4. Allow the installation process to complete.
  5. Note: Make sure that the internet connection is stable throughout the installation process.
  6. When the installation is over, reboot your device by clicking on the Restart Now button when prompted.

Process to Activate MS Office 2016

Activating Microsoft Office is the third and final process of setup. After completing the process, users can freely access their Office apps and services. Here is what they need to do for product activation:

  1. When the system restarts, go to the Start Menu (Windows) or Dock (Mac.)
  2. In the search bar in Start menu or Finder, enter Microsoft Office Word 2016.
  3. Click on the app from the search results.
  4. After that, if your copy of Office 2016 suite has already been activated, then you just have to accept the Microsoft Terms of Agreement.
  5. But, if you have not gotten the chance to activate the product, then you will be prompted to do so by the Microsoft Activation Wizard.
  6. Open your mailbox and click on the Microsoft email.
  7. Copy the 25 characters alpha-numeric product activation key.
  8. Select the alternative to activating Office 2016 over the internet.
  9. Now, enter your Microsoft account login details and sign in.
  10. Paste the product key in the window.
  11. Now, your product will get successfully activated.