Microsoft Font Maker Allows Users to Create Custom Fonts for Free

Microsoft now has been at the vanguard only when it comes to providing the best fonts for the different needs of the users. The Microsoft Office products like the Microsoft Word have been the go-to option for the folks as it supports fonts for the regional languages. Apart from that anyone can download and install fonts directly from the third party and also use the same across the Microsoft product.

Recently, the Microsoft has released the “Microsoft Font Maker” a UWP application for Windows 10 which allows the users to create their own fonts for free.

About Microsoft Font Maker

Further, fonts always add value to your text and help in proficiently conveying the message. However, in some cases, it will become very necessary for the users to design our own fonts. Generally, the custom fonts are not only helping us demonstrates our creativity, but it will also help in acquiring the readers’ attention. It is where the Microsoft Font Maker will always come into the picture.

However, the Microsoft Font maker is probably to shape up as an exemplary tool for the graphic designers and also for the artists. Now before beginning, the Font Maker sometime is not compatible with all the PC’s and would also require an Integrated Touch Function to work. We would suggest you download the application and look that if it supports your Windows machine or not.

So this way the Microsoft Font Maker works. And the program will begin by displaying all the letters and also the symbols. And the users are also required to use an electronic pen and draw each letter within the box. Once the users are done by drawing all the letters and the symbol, then the program will automatically port it into a font file which the user can use across the Windows products. It’s being said that the application does not allow you to use the mouse only to draw inside the boxes. And while creating a font, users have to confirm that the user doesn’t commit any mistake midway as the user would be required to start all over again.

To install the fonts on your device, just follow the given steps in an ascending order to avoid trouble and also to save time and efforts.

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Then, click on the Font option.
  3. Now, paste the Font file into the location.

After completing the abovementioned steps, now the font will be automatically installed, and you will be easily able to use the same across the different programs.

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