How to Uninstall Windows 10 built-in Applications

In the older versions of the Windows, uninstalling a program was not that easy, it was needed to go through the Programs and Features menu in the Control Panel. But uninstalling a program is much simpler in Windows 10, both in the desktop or Windows 10 app. Windows 10 comes with several built-in apps, but not everyone is willing to have them. There are ways to remove the unwanted software and clean the system. Everyone likes Windows 10 as it is smooth and slick to use and comes with some fantastic features. There may still be some default apps that you are not willing to use.

There are three different ways to uninstall an app or a program from the Windows 10 Pc

From the “Start” menu

You can uninstall both the Windows 10 apps and the traditional desktop programs directly from the start menu. For this, go to the Start>All apps and find the program or app you want to uninstall. Click right on the app or program and click Uninstall from the drop-down menu appears. If you do not press uninstall in the dropdown menu, then the app may be the default. Follow the following guide to uninstall it.

When you uninstall a Windows10 app, you will see a pop-up window, telling you that the app and it000000s related information will be uninstalled. Hit the Uninstall to complete the uninstallation process. If you are uninstalling desktop program, the Programs and Features window will open. Look for the app you want to uninstall on the list of programs, select it and click uninstall. A pop-up window will appear asking if you are sure you want to uninstall this program, click YES. Depending on the application, you will now need to go through an uninstall wizard before the process gets complete.

From the Settings menu

You can’t find the program or app you want to uninstall on the ‘Start’ menu, you can also uninstall them via the Settings menu. Open the ‘Settings’ menu (Start>Settings) and go to System, then click on the Apps and Features. You here will see a list of apps and programs on your PC. You can even use the search box at the top of the screen to search for the apps. Search for the app you want to uninstall, click on it and then click uninstall. It doesn’t matter if it is an app or desktop, you will see a pop-up window informing you about the app’s uninstallation. Hit the ‘Uninstall’ to complete the process. If you see a pop-up asking if you want to make changes to your program, hit YES and proceed further.

From the “Control” Panel

You can uninstall programs but not Windows10 apps- directly from the control panel. Click right on the ‘Start’ button and click Control Panel. Go to the Programs and Features. Find out the program you want to uninstall, click to select and then click Uninstall. You will see a pop-up window asking if you are sure to uninstall it, click YES and click through the uninstall wizard.

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