How to Share Files Between Windows 10 Computers

Microsoft came up with an astonishing feature update for its Windows 10 1803 version in the month of April, this year. The update offers the opportunity to share files between two computers with Windows 10 1803 version. For the Apple users, feature of Windows 10 1803 version could be correlative to Apple’s AirDrop. The service is designed to send data instantly to the other device with the same feature.

But the fact that makes the feature update more amazing is, it does not require any Internet network connectivity to share data. If the ‘Nearby’ feature is turned on in systems, the near computers will connect to it. Definitely, you are aware of Bluetooth service in your phones. It works in the same manner. Only the option should be switched on. While using ‘Nearby’ feature, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network to transfer the file faster transfer rate.

Let’s see the simple steps to enable and transfer the files.

  1.    Open ‘Settings’ and ‘Click System.’
  2.    Click on “Share Experience.’
  3.    In the sections, there is Near Share option.
  4.    Click the toggle button to turn it on.
  5.    In the same section, you can find an option “to share the content from.”
  6.    You can also choose the path to save the files you received.
  7.    To share data, open file explorer.
  8.    Select the file you want to share with another Windows 10 1803 computer.
  9.    Click “Share” from the upper bar of the file explorer. You can also right-click on the file and select “Share” for the menu.
  10.     A window will open displaying applications, nearby devices, etc.
  11.    While sharing the file, Windows will display notification telling the device is connected and sending the data.
  12.    On the receiver’s computer, a notification will display with Save and open, Save and Decline options.
  13.    If the notification cannot be found, then go to the Action Center and find it.

Windows has become easier to use with this astonishing “Nearby” feature which does not need any internet connection. The file can be shared with the nearby computer without obstructions. This works independent of any bandwidth connection and sends the file to receive immediately.

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