Fortify Your Browsing Security with Windows Defender

Google Chrome, a critically-acclaimed and popular browsing program, is lauded for providing security and ensuring the privacy of its users. But, in the current cyber world, one can never be more careful and vigilant regarding their online safety. For this reason, tech giant Microsoft has rolled out Windows Defender Browser Protection for added user security. Windows users must know that the Edge browser is equipped with Windows Defender Browsing Protection.

So typically, you may be wondering about the role of Windows Defender in Google Chrome. In simple terms, Windows Defender very proficient and skilled at detecting and blocking cyber attacks and other threats, As a matter of fact, if you look at the reports, Google Chrome is capable of identifying just about 87 percent of cyber threats. On the other hand, Windows Defender can detect 99 percent of cyber threats. In addition to that, it blocks cyber threats after identifying them.

The Windows Defender Browser Protection contains a directory of all the bad links. If the user attempts to browse any webpage which is included in the list of harmful websites, then the webpage gets blocked instantly as it may be corrupt. This directory of suspicious sites and web pages keeps on updating regularly. Microsoft keeps adding new links to the list. This way, the security is always up to date with the recent malware trends.

The safety tools of Windows Defender consist of blocking hacking attempts and web pages which may direct people to download any file which is laced with a malicious code. Therefore, no malicious software gets downloaded on the computer without the user’s knowledge.

Whenever the users try to access any suspicious website, they get notified with a warning. A red alert is issued to them every time they attempt to open a potentially dangerous site. The users can decide whether they wish to discard accessing the site by clicking on Back to Safety, or else they can proceed at their own risk.

Similar to the original Windows Defender software for Windows, this browser protection is available for free. If you think that you need multi-layered protection, then install the Windows Defender extension on your Google Chrome browser. Or else, you can just download and install MS Edge which comes with present Windows Defender protection.

Windows Defender is incredibly popular and provides robust security to users. One of the chief perks of using it is that one does not have to turn off the in-built safety mechanisms of Google Chrome. This extension does not cause any conflict.

Sadly, given how the Windows Defender extension operates, adding it to your browser implies that you are permitting Microsoft to access your web browsing data in real-time. If you are concerned about that, then it is wise not to add it to your Chrome browser.

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